Phone sex operators need love too - Mini Series

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Chapter 2

AlleyCat: I can’t wait to see you.  I hope you are ready to be swept off your feet.

Jewels: You sound very confident.  I’ll warn you, you’ll have to have a pretty big broom to sweep me off my feet. I’m not easily impressed.

AlleyCat: I am pretty secure in my broom size.

Jewels:  Well good. Then I will see you soon.

AlleyCat: 7pm sharp.

So if you haven’t guessed from the snippet of our latest chat session I have a date tonight with Alex.  I am going to contain my hallelujah until after the date, but I am so ready for this.  If you couldn’t tell from my shameless flirting it has been way to long.  It is 1pm now which gives me about six hours to get ready. 
The House of Zen Spa and Beauty Salon. I have been avoiding this place like the plague recently.  Mrs. Lee can be worse than my mother when it comes to asking about why I’m not married with a farm full of children.  I swear the woman has mastered the art of making you feel soul crushing failure with one look.  Despite me finally having a legitimate date to tell her about I can’t help but feel nervous as I stand here with my hand on the door. You can do this Julia, just suck it up and open the door.  Well here we go.
          “Julia! So good to see you.  You no come see Mrs. Lee no more. How come?”
          “Hi Mrs. Lee.  I have just been busy lately.”
          “Busy with that job that let you talk to men, but no get you boyfriend?”
          “Well actually I have a date tonight.  That’s why I came.”
          “What? You have date!  Then come let me take a look at you.”  Here it comes. The critical assessment that makes you want to wrap up in a ball and hide in your home to save the world from your hideousness.  “Hmm. You need full treatment. Head to toes.  You look like you part bear.  When the last time you shave mustache? Follow Tina she fix you up real nice.”  
That actually wasn’t that bad. I can live with it. I can admit I haven’t shaved in a month or two or twelve.  Mrs. Lee and her staff are the best of the best so I have no doubt she can work a miracle on me.   Let the torture session begin.
As I look at myself in the mirror, four painful hours later, I must say damn I’m hot.  These people must have magical powers.  I almost want to kiss myself.   All it took was a wash and set, make-up lesson, pedicure, manicure, eyebrow wax, mustache tweeze, and Brazilian wax.  I’ll admit the later almost didn’t happen. If it wasn’t for Tina’s bionic strength I might have escaped.  Who knew the five foot woman had it in her.      
          “How much do I owe you Mrs. Lee?”
          “One-twenty for everything and a picture of your first baby.”  Oh, yeah the other reason why I never come here is because it’s too expensive.
          “Here you go and it’s only a first date. Might be a while until you get those pictures.”
          “Girl you smokin hot.  It your last first date.”
          “I hope you’re right.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  See you later.”
Alright Julia get a grip girl.  It is only six forty-five.  He is not going to be here until seven o’clock.  Don’t be nervous you look great. Speaking of which, how is my make-up? No! Don’t you look in that mirror. You have checked yourself five times already.  Fine, well I at least need to pace. But if I pace I might get sweaty.  Well I’m already getting sweaty just sitting here.  I need a glass of water.  Yeah that’s it water. *knock, knock* That’s Alex.  He’s here. Ok no water then. Now what? Duh, I need to answer the door.  Walk calmly to the door. Okay I am here at the door, deep breath, now open.
          “Holy shit you are sexy.”
          “Why thank you.”  
          “Oh. You’re welcome.”
Did I just say that out loud?  Oh my God I did. I couldn’t help it.  He looked good in his online pictures but they could not prepare me for the real thing.  Perfectly spiked blond hair, powder blue eyes, killer smile with impeccably straight white teeth, flawless smooth skin and his face is almost more beautiful than handsome.  This must be what angels look like. I am literally getting horny just looking at him. Please, please, please let that broom innuendo be true.  Good job picking the red thong.  Okay just play it cool and don’t get flustered.
          “So, where are you taking me tonight?”
          “I was thinking about dinner at Le Blue, then possibly a walk on the pier.  After that we can just see where the evening takes us.  And by the way you look absolutely radiant yourself.  Shall we?”
Wow he is smooth.  Great restaurant, open ended possibilities for the evening, well placed compliment, and an outstretched elbow for me to grab.  This has the potential to turn into a great night.  Remember just be yourself, you can handle him.  “Lead the way.”
I can’t believe this is happening. I have literally just been wined and dined like a princess.  Now we are holding hands walking on the beach.  It’s so cute and sexy at the same time. Get out of your head and pay attention to the conversation. Oh crap I think it’s your turn to speak. What did he just say?  That’s right hot dog eating contest.
          “I don’t believe you.  No seven year old can eat forty-three hot dogs in one sitting.”
          “I swear to you I did. I was the youngest hot god eating champ in my town.”
          “You truly are amazing Alex.  First you take me to a wonderful restaurant and are able to engage me in a continual stream of great conversation.  Now you have me walking bare foot in the sand. This has been a lot of fun.  I don’t think I have laughed this much in a long time.”
          “Well it is easy when you have such a lovely muse to inspire you to be at your best.”
That was exactly the right thing to say. I think my body temperature just jumped twelve degrees. Don’t jump his bones, don’t jump his bones, don’t… screw it I’m jumping his bones. That’s right, look pleasantly surprised while I grab your shirt and pull you into the best kiss of your life. His lips taste so wonderful. They are so soft and supple.  I think I might cum just from kissing him. His hands feel so smooth as they make their way up my thighs.  Now his lips are making their way down my neck and behind my ear.  Yes, just a few more inches to the left.  I am going through sensory overload.  It’s like he knows all the right places to touch.  Why do we have so many clothes on?  He feels absolutely delicious to touch. Rock solid abs and…
          “What the hell?  You have breasts?”  
          “Umm. Wait let me explain!”

          “Explain? This can’t be happening.”
          “Please listen to me Julia.”
          “Alex, or whoever you are, it would be in your best interest not to touch or speak to me right now.”
Alex is a woman? How can this be? I knew he was too perfect to be a man.  Knowing exactly what to say, where and when to touch me.  And his, or her, face should have been a dead giveaway.  She was more beautiful than me.  I should have seen this coming but I wanted it too much.  I need to get out of here.
          “Wait Julia.”

          “Don’t you come near me!”
          “Please.  At least let me give you a ride home.”
          “Hell no! I can catch a cab.”
Just keep moving Julia.  Don’t look back.  You can fall apart at home, but for now just keep your head up and keep moving forward.

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