Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mid-week Musings:

Authors are magicians.  They take a blank pages and make entire worlds come alive in the readers mind with the stroke of a pen.  I am ever grateful to be incorporated in this wonderful group of people.  I met with my writing group today and there were a few new faces in the group.  A recurring theme among the introductions was the fact that many of the people had written stories that had never been seen by others.  One gentleman said that he had multiple folders filled with writings that he had completed over the years that he did nothing with and usually end up forgotten.

I know there are varying reasons why people do not share their writings.  Sometimes people are shy or embarrassed by what they write.  Some people don’t think that what they write is worth sharing or simply write for the experience.  Today I would like to challenge everyone to share something you have written.  If not publicly at least with a close friend or family member.  I firmly believe that the written word has a power that we can never truly measure.  What you write may have an impact on another person’s life that you never even thought was possible.  Never underestimate the power of your words.

Information is key in our world.  I love sharing things I find to help out my fellow authors.  Here are a few great links that I found today:

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